Busy Things

Busy Things
Author:Helen Caldwell
Author info:Helen Caldwell currently splits her time between her job as a teacher trainer at Northampton University and her advisory role on assistive technology for Milton Keynes.
Contributors:Rachel Hall of Busy Things
Description:Rachel Hall talks to Helen Caldwell about an award winning site with resources for 3-8 year olds, many of which would work well with students with SEN.
Useful for:Simple activities to reinforce early learning. Those using switch access.
Equipment needed:Computer. Online access. Subscription to site after 28 days free trial.
  • Ks1
  • Ks2
  • Early years
  • Resources
  • Special educational needs
  • Interview
  • Busy things

Listen to Rachel Hall talk about the Busy Things website which offers access to over 240 activities designed for younger children but with many features suitable for challenged learners and for those with physical difficulties who need to use switches to access content. Get 28 days free access to try out the site before making your mind up whether or not to subscribe. Rachel and Helen talk about the potential of the activities for SEN use.